My Inspiration

“I design with colour and light. I construct with form and texture.”

My work is full of contrasts – the most marked being the fact that some of my pieces are made of just clear glass and others are the complete opposite and embrace colour.


I love colour and make vibrant sculptures that invite the viewer to revel in the delights of coloured glass. To enjoy its depth and vibrancy. To explore how two or three colours next to each other interact.


While striving for perfection, I deliberately embrace the imperfections. My clear pieces enable the viewer to appreciate the way that tiny bubbles in the glass sparkle in the light. To see how each individual piece is reflected in the other. Manipulating and distorting and giving the glass life and making it a visual delight.


I adore the way that light passing through glass throws the most delightful shadows. Bubbles in the glass and between the pieces of glass capture light and make each piece sparkle. Shadows around the edge of each individual shape are cast around and within the glass. Creating optical effects, manipulating and distorting form and shape. Challenging the viewers perception, tricking the eye.


Everyone wants to touch glass – it is so tactile. My work explores this. Some pieces are free and voluptuous and others are textured. All invite the viewer to touch and explore. I love the way that the heat in the kiln slumps glass into a new form – a form that I can never fully predict. Creating new outlines, sometimes folded shapes. Giving each piece its own shape and identity.