“I love using techniques that play with the viewer’s eye and play with colour and light.”

A Little About How This Glass Is Made

Tiny pieces of Bullseye glass are carefully cut and arranged in rows. Some of the pieces are triangles, some strips (I use a variety of shapes). I use both clear and opaque glass and imagine how they will look once fused.

These are then put in a kiln within a ‘dam’ so that the glass is contained as it melts. This is then fired between 750 and 800 degrees Celsius so all the individual pieces fire into a single piece of glass.

I then take these sheets and trim the edges so that they are neat, using a tile saw.

The heat in the kiln melts the tiny pieces of glass together so that they create beautiful curves and shapes. I can never fully predict how each individual piece will melt. The resulting glass looks like colour cascading.

Where You Can Buy

This range is currently for sale at the Boha Glass Gallery – one of the few online sites that just sells art glass – lots of absolutely amazing glass here.d online at