“I have always been fascinated by glassits colour and the way it transforms light has the power to stop me whatever I am doing.”


Whether it is an exquisitely made wine glass, a sumptuous glass ornament or a dazzling stained glass window, I just love glass.

The richness of the colours. The way light plays with it, throwing patterns and creating illusions. Its softness and smoothness – everyone wants to touch and stroke glass. It gives me so much pleasure to make abstract, sculptural glass that will add to the beauty of peoples homes. Glass they can place on a window sill, mantlepiece or furniture and enjoy every time they pass by. Glass that appears to change when viewed from different angles or as the quality of light varies throughout the day.

The Skills

So in the early 1990’s I joined a local glass workshop and started to learn how to select, cut, shape and fuse glass. So my roots are firmly based in this craft. The joy of cutting a simple sheet of glass and exploring how it can be transformed by heating in a kiln is something I love. I never tire of opening the kiln to see the result of a firing.

I will cut these sheets of glass in to shapes and may layer these and fire them to create new shapes and forms.

The Art

I then use these shapes to build my glass sculptures and waves, that are then fused in the kiln (often for days) to create glass that plays with reflections, shadows, texture and shape. Rich in visual interest and alluringly tactile. I love the way that the heat of the kiln slumps the shape of each individual piece in a way that is beyond my total control. Creating new shapes and outlines. Giving every piece a unique shape and identity that is impossible to completely predict. the result is that every piece of glass is truly unique with it’s own individual colours and textures.

Made By Hand

Everything is made by hand, by me.

I work from a small studio in the heart of rural Suffolk and am lucky enough to live beside a beautiful river that gives me constant inspiration and joy.

I live with my husband and Lucky the cat.