I am a glass artist whose work focuses on light, colour and texture

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My name is Rebecca Mansbridge and I love to explore new techniques and challenge the limits of what can be done with fused glass. I embrace glass as an artform, more than ‘just craft’. Designing with colour, texture and structure. I draw my inspiration from the beauty of glass itself – its fluidity, transparency, vibrancy and touch. I hope that the resulting glass pieces speak the language of not just the long, long history of glass craftsmanship, but also the beauty and emotion of art.

My aim is to create statements that will hopefully take you beyond the conventional idea of what is fused glass and take you on a journey where you delight in the joy of rich colours, the wonders of light and the simple pleasure of touch.

I love working with glass. Its always a visual delight and because each piece is handmade and shaped by the heat of the kiln in a way that I can never fully control, every piece I make is genuinely unique and individual.

What’s New

During 2021 I have been exploring textures more – both smooth and rippled. The result is a range of clear glass that bounces light, giving the illusion of silver highlights.

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