“The heat of the kiln slumps the glass in ways that you can never fully predict, creating beautiful shapes and forms you want to touch and explore.”

A Little About How This Glass Is Made

Sheets of clear or coloured glass are cut into shapes and these are fully fired in the kiln so that they are fused into one. Sometimes I make these pieces all the same height, at others I gradually increase the height.

I then take these individual pieces and put them to together to make the waves.

These are then ‘tack’ fused in the kiln. This results in each individual piece of glass keeping its characteristic shape and texture, rather than being fused into a smooth solid sheet. The heat in the kiln slumps the glass so that it creates beautiful curves and shapes. I can never fully predict how each piece will slump.

The resulting glass catches the light in a myriad of ways and is very tactile to touch. It looks reminds me of ripples in water.

Where You Can Buy

This range is currently for sale at the V K Gallery both in their lovely gallery at St Ives, Cambridgehire and online at