Now You See It

“I love the way the colours appear and disappear with these pieces – now you see it, now you don’t!”

A Little About How It’s Made

Sometimes I just cut the edges off sheets of coloured glass. Other times I take sheets of clear Bullseye glass and decorate them with coloured frit (small chips of glass) and glass powder (very finely ground coloured glass). These are then put in a kiln and fired at around 800 degrees Celsius so the frit is fully fused into the glass. I then take these sheets and cut them into strips of glass that I use to construct each piece.

These strips of glass are then fired in the kiln to fuse it into one piece. They are then ‘tack’ fused. This results in each individual piece of glass keeping its characteristic texture, rather than being fused into a smooth solid sheet, giving the piece having lots of interest and a distinctive tactile quality.

As the decoration is fused onto clear sheets of glass the decoration changes as you view the glass from different angles. If you stand in front of it you can see more of the clear glass. If you view the glass from one side it shows as a sheet of colour. Now you see it…

Where You Can Buy

This range is currently for sale at the V K Gallery both in their lovely gallery at St Ives, Cambridgehire and online at