“Clear glass is just amazing – it is so tactile and full of textures and when the light catches it looks like liquid silver or ice.”

A Little About How This Glass Is Made

Clear sheets of bullseye glass are cut into individual shapes. Some are fully fused together. Others are just used without prior firing. I then take these individual pieces and put them together to make the glass waves.

All my clear glass pieces are ‘tack’ fused. This means that they have been put in the kiln and heated until all the pieces are ‘tacked’ together – rather than fully fused. This results in each individual piece of glass keeping its characteristic shape, rather than being fused into a smooth solid sheet, giving the piece having lots of curves and folds and and a distinctive tactile quality.

Many of the pieces are created so that they slump in the heat, falling into soft shapes. The glass is evocative of ice and icicles.

Where You Can Buy

This range is currently for sale at the Art In The Heart Gallery online at